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Arachne :iconikilou:Ikilou 1 2 My Grey Sapphire :iconikilou:Ikilou 3 2 Evening Breeze (Moldavite Redesign) :iconikilou:Ikilou 7 2 Anorthite :iconikilou:Ikilou 1 4 My Fire Opal :iconikilou:Ikilou 4 2 Mossy Redesign :iconikilou:Ikilou 2 2 Rosie Redesign :iconikilou:Ikilou 4 9 Sunny Days :iconikilou:Ikilou 4 2 Conch Pearl Thomas Sanders :iconikilou:Ikilou 4 2 Tintenbar Opal Fanfusion :iconikilou:Ikilou 2 5
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Thalassophobia, Fear of the Ocean :iconikilou:Ikilou 21 6 Vouruhn 2.0 :iconikilou:Ikilou 1 0 My Fire Agate :iconikilou:Ikilou 0 0 Helenite Fanfusion :iconikilou:Ikilou 2 0 Chevron Amethyst Fanfusion :iconikilou:Ikilou 1 2


FANTroll Adopt(3\4)|Homestuck|Deadline to 30.03.17 :icondavronovadayana:DavronovaDayana 6 9 Create a random creature meme :iconluciiper:LuCiiPeR 39 14 Dragon's Vein Agate [FUSION!] :iconshroomdragon:ShroomDragon 3 6 Rubellite, Verdelite, and Indicolite :iconshroomdragon:ShroomDragon 7 16 this frick :icondrunclebengesan:DrUncleBengeSan 1 0 Standing By Nature :icondrunclebengesan:DrUncleBengeSan 2 0 Drudikins: Growth :iconkingrebecca:KingRebecca 16 12 Ikilou Customs :iconmpcb:MPCB 1 1 Mystery adopt design 3 :iconzombieflavored:ZombieFlavored 2 0 Mystery adopt design 4 :iconzombieflavored:ZombieFlavored 1 0 Aristic Liberty Commission 2 :iconzombieflavored:ZombieFlavored 4 2 Zekonian :icondrunclebengesan:DrUncleBengeSan 2 0 Masked Beast 7 -for SALE- :iconmetal-cosxart:Metal-CosxArt 29 13 O.C. Collage 2. :iconcatdragon4:catdragon4 8 0 Halloween Themed Gem Adopts: CLOSED :iconscottishredwolf:ScottishRedWolf 13 13 Halloween Horsies :iconscourgefeather:ScourgeFeather 2 2


Okay, so, I thought it was about time to open this up. This is just a bit of an experiment to see if anyone's interested, really.

I'l be accepting points or payments through PayPal, prices are negotiable, and I'll be taking 5 slots at a time.

If you're interested, make sure to send me a note so we can discuss what you want.


Sketches: £3.75/$5.43/400 Points
One character, can include minimal colour.

Bubblegum Sketch by Ikilou Webster's New Look by Ikilou

Lineart: £7.50/$10.86/800 points
One character, neat lines, can include minimal colour.

3 by IkilouCyclops Free to Good Home (Closed) by Ikilou

Flat Colours: £10/$14.48/1500 points
One character, fully coloured, no shading.

Skelesaurus by Ikilou  Holly Jolly by IkilouMoss Agate by Ikilou

Simple Shading: £14.50/$20.99/2000 points
One character, fully coloured, simply shaded.

My Snowbie by IkilouBone China by IkilouThe Order is Confused by Ikilou

Complex Shading: £20/$28.96/2500 points
One character, fully coloured, fully shaded.

Sal v2 by Ikilou

Mature Content

Skully by Ikilou


+ £5/$7.24/800 points per character
+ £3.75/$5.43/400 points for a simple background
+ £7.50/$10.82/800 points for a complex background 




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United Kingdom
I draw stuff, and write sometimes.

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Because I'm trash and thought it would be funny:

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Okay, so, she might be very loosely inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine but I took way more inspiration from actual oldschool black and white cartoons than the actual game so I guess what I'm saying is that BATIM just got the ball rolling.
She'sactually mainly based off a nightmare I had as a kid that I recently decided to draw, and now she's all cute and not scary at all, which is great.

So, this is Arachne, the six-eyed seamstress cat. I do have a full body of her but that's more for my reference.
My Grey Sapphire
So, I decided to change what would've been Goshenite into a Grey Sapphire because it fit her personality a bit better. And here she is - the mediator, the lie detector, Grey Sapphire.

Her story is a bit more Earth-based than Mossy and Rosie's but they all eventually meet up ad become sort-of friends against their will.
She likes space, the moon specifically.
Opinions, pls?

So, this is Georgiaite, my Peridot/Jasper fanfusion and I can't decide which palette works best for her. Halp?
42 by Ikilou
Evening Breeze (Moldavite Redesign)
So, I decided to give Moldavite (my Amethyst/Peridot fanfusion) a bit of an update/redesign, and here she is, a little bit more stable and oragaised this time.

I this image I like to imagine she took herself on an afternoon stroll to just enjoy some alone time, taking some food with her in case she started feeling peckish, and ended up staying out until well into the evening, recording her observations on Peridot's new recorder (and listening back to Peridot's entries). She's just really excited about nature and being able to be herself, away from everyone else.

The original and reason I picked Moldavite as their fusion can be found here;…
And here we see Anorthite, the wonderful fusion of my Rosaline Pearl and ShroomDragon 's Rubellite. 

I had such a hard time with coming up with a gem for this fusion, but eventually came to a decision with Anorthite.
See, Tourmalines can be found in Pegmatite (a kind of igneous rock), and so can Feldspar, and the two also share some similarities in chemical composition so I thought that was a good place to start.
Now, Anorthite is a kind of Feldspar, but also the only Feldspar that would be appropriate as a fusion as it's the only one that shares some of it's chemical composition with Pearls. Boom! Science fusion.

As for metaphysical stuff, there isn't much known about Anorthites on their own, so I just used general Feldspar properties.
This bean would be very calm in a pinch and calming to others, due to both Pearls and Rubellites being known for their calming properties. They'd be honest and loyal like a Pearl, and encourage others to do the same, but they'd also be able to see through lies like a pane of glass and would not be afraid to call you out on it.
But, whilst calm, they would definitely try their best to make every adventure or mission fun, and suggest unconventional (but still somehow successful) ways of reaching the goal.

They also glow under UV light, just like real Anorthites. Alternate palette included.
IRL, they look like this;…


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